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Today we’re talking about all about bridal details! Bridal details are all those items that come together to tell the story of your wedding theme that your photographer wants to photograph first thing at the beginning of the day. Your must-have bridal details include your gown, shoes, flowers, invitation suite, etc., but what you may not think about are the additional items you can bring to really enhance those bridal detail photos. We’ve listed 10 additional items that you can bring on your wedding day that will definitely enhance your bridal detail photos (and your photographer will LOVE you)!
1.) Extra Flowers/Greenery From Your Floristbridal details hampton roads richmond virginia wedding photographerOne of the absolute best ways to add to your bridal detail photos is to talk with your florist about providing a few extra steams or pieces of greenery for your photographer. Not only will your photographer greatly appreciate the extra details, but your florist will also love how their products are being used in another creative way. Adding flowers and greenery to your detail shots adds texture, color and interest, all the while tying in your wedding theme perfectly. If you add nothing else to your bridal detail box, add this!

“In our business, we reach out to photographers about two or three weeks before the wedding day and ask if they would like to have a special selection of florals and greenery set aside for them to use in ring shots, flat lays, etc. We are regularly welcomed with an excited, “Yes!” Some florists don’t commonly offer extra stems, but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t happy to – you just have to ask. It’s easiest for us if we know ahead of time so that we can have some set aside, so try to prioritize asking your florist ahead of time if this is something you would like. From what we’ve gathered, those few stems make a big impact for a photographer and allows them to be as creative as they want. It’s a great way for us to co-market with one another and share the love.”  – Jessie Tennis, local florist and owner of Crafted Stems

2.) Mrs. Box or Ring Dishbridal details hampton roads richmond virginia wedding photographerAlthough we haven’t photographed too many of them, it seems that every bride has at least heard of the “Mrs. Box”. There are hundreds of colors and options to choose from and they’re completely customizable with your initial or your new initial. They really are so cute and a great addition to bridal detail photos.
However, we also recognize that not everyone may have the budget to spend $75+ on a specific ring box JUST for bridal details (especially when there are many other wedding expenses that are “musts”). Another option for helping to highlight your rings is to look into a cute ring dish instead! We love the ring dish that Nina picked out (top right) for her detail photos. It was a cute addition and tied in the wedding theme perfectly.
3.) Silk Ribbon in Your Wedding Colorbridal details hampton roads richmond virginia wedding photographerThe bridal detail photos that catch your eye most tend to be those that have various textures and dimension. Adding a silk ribbon in your wedding color, like Sarah did for her dusty blue wedding, adds extra interest to your bridal detail photos by allowing the eye to follow the ribbon around the perimeter of the photo. We love being able to add silk ribbons to our photos when possible because we think it adds just a little something special!
4.) Small Elements to Tie in Wedding Themebridal details hampton roads richmond virginia wedding photographerAnother way to enhance your bridal detail photos is to include a few elements that help tie in your wedding theme. Above, you’ll see an antique ring box (top left) that our bride Emily brought to tie in her antique, gold wedding theme. On the top right, you see a rustic wooden crate that Brenna had at her wedding that helped tie in the theme of her Springfield Distillery wedding. The bottom photo is a beautiful ring shot with rope that was included in Katelyn’s neutral, textured wedding theme. All three elements were perfect additions to each couples wedding photos because they helped to tell the story of their day. Giving your photographers many options for detail shots is never a bad thing!
5.) Antique Traybridal details hampton roads richmond virginia wedding photographerAdding a silver or gold antique tray to your bridal details can help make your other bridal details pop off the screen. The tray provides dimension by lifting it’s objects off the flat background and also helps ties in subtle silver or gold elements of your day with some shine. Emily included a gold-rimmed tray to tie in the antique elements of her wedding day, while Sarah included a silver tray that helped her invitation suite and jewelry pop off their shiny background.
6.) Family Heirloomsbridal details hampton roads richmond virginia wedding photographer
If you’re married already, you know that your wedding day is just as much about your family as it is about you. One of the ways that some of our brides to choose to incorporate their loved ones, both past and present, is to include family heirlooms in their bridal details.
The handkerchief on the left belongs to one of our 2016 brides, Katelyn. Her mother carried this handkerchief down the aisle when she married Katelyn’s father and Katelyn was honored to do the same on her wedding day. Embroidered with her new monogram and wedding date, she carried it wrapped around her bouquet to marry her husband.
The Bible on the right belongs to our 2018 bride, Melanie. It belonged to her grandfather who had it since the 1950’s. Although he has passed, his legacy of love was represented on her wedding day and we were honored to incorporate it into her bridal detail photos.
7.) Pretty, New Bottle of Perfumebridal details hampton roads richmond virginia wedding photographerWe love the sentiment behind including a bottle of perfume in your wedding details. The bride uses the perfume for the first time, walks down the aisle to her groom and they will both forever be reminded of their wedding day any time she decides to wear that perfume again. Not only is the sentiment sweet, but perfume bottles are also an elegant addition to bridal detail photos.
8.) Letters To One Anotherbridal details hampton roads richmond virginia wedding photographer
One of our favorite bridal detail photos happens when the bride and groom choose to write one another letters. Incorporating the wedding rings with a perfectly written, impactful sentence from a letter makes our photographer hearts do a backflip. “Thank you for choosing me.” “Today we become one.” – two powerful sentences and two beautiful marriages. We love catching small details like this when we’re able to.
9.) Important Relationship Moments or Inside Jokesbridal details hampton roads richmond virginia wedding photographer
When a couple chooses to incorporate small elements that have been important to their relationship, we love it! In the above right photo, you’ll see an umbrella with Kendra & Corey’s wedding day on it. Corey loves the show How I Met Your Mother and so there were several elements in their wedding day that paid tribute to the show and his personal resemblances to Ted. Although the photo is black and white, the umbrella is bright yellow, just like the “Mother’s” throughout the series.
The photo on the right is a heart patch that Katelyn had sewn onto Jimmy’s tie to wear on their wedding day. The reference to their favorite Randy Travis song was the perfect small addition to his groom detail photos.
10.) Groom Detailsgrooms details hampton roads richmond virginia wedding photographerLast but not least, we come to a few important details that are often forgot about on a wedding day – the groom’s details. Though most of our grooms don’t have quite as many details as our brides do, it’s always fun to capture just a few of the piece they will be wearing on their big day too. Some items can include tie, shoes, socks, watch, cuff links, glasses and any other items a groom might be wearing. Because groom pics matter too!

We hope you enjoyed reading through our list of additional bridal details to include on your wedding day to enhance your photos. While you don’t have to include all of these items, we definitely recommend incorporating a few additional items to add extra interest to your bridal detail photos.


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