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Happy Tuesday, friends! We are continuing our blog series “Vendor Spotlight” today, where we interview some of our favorite Virginia wedding vendors and ask them the questions that brides want to know! Today, we’re chatting with Isabelle Russell of Garden Rose Events & Design, which is a full service planning and design company based out of Roanoke, Virginia, but available for weddings all over!

We met Isabelle and her team back in June of 2017 for a beautiful Woman’s Club of Portsmouth wedding and then were happy to work with her team again in October of that year for a stunning Springfield Distillery wedding. In 2018, we got to work with her yet again for an Estate at White Hall Vineyard wedding in King George, VA. Each wedding we work with her or her team, we are always well taken care of as wedding vendors and there is always a joint sigh of relief when Michael and I show up on a wedding day to see Isabelle and her team because we know the day is going to go smoothly, no matter what.

We’re excited for you to get to know the owner and lead planner behind Garden Rose Events & Design and for her to share with you some of the tips she’s learned along the way. Enjoy!

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Tell us about yourself!

“My name is Isabelle Russell and I am the owner of Garden Rose Events & Design and Belle Garden Estate. I have been a full time wedding planner for 4 years now. I specialize in pinning on boutonnieres (in 5 seconds flat), finding those tiny bustle loops, creating checklists, and sometimes being an unofficial therapist. On my days off, you can usually find me in sweat pants, curled up at home with my husband. And probably drinking an iced coffee from Dunkin with way more cream and sugar than coffee.”

womans club of portsmouth virginia wedding planning decor

What does Garden Rose Events & Design offer?

“Garden Rose Events & Design is a full service planning and design company. We offer day-of coordination all the way up to full service planning. At Garden Rose Events & Design, we make the planning process enjoyable, carefree, and laid back. We match you to your soul mate vendors, curate your personal style, and allow you the freedom to actually enjoy every moment of the planning process. By the time your wedding celebration arrives, you’ll know exactly where your time is best spent. With the people you love.”

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What made you get into wedding planning?

“I have always had a strong passion for business and design. I was the girl that had her entire wedding planned since the age of 6 and was a sucker for anything love related. And I still am that way. So when I was in college and had the opportunity to take event planning classes, I jumped on it. And I quickly fell in love with the job and the industry.”

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What is your favorite part of the planning process and serving brides?

“I really love working with clients who have a strong opinion on the feel and style of their wedding but need someone to help them actually put it into action and accomplish it. And when you do, getting that big hug at the end of the night from the bride and groom makes it all worth while.”

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What do you wish more clients would ask/think about before booking their wedding planner/coordinator?

“One, before a client books their wedding planner, It is important to know that a venue coordinator is often times not the same thing as a wedding planner/coordinator. We typically work hand in hand together.
Two, keep in mind, your wedding planner is the person who makes sure your entire day is a success. So they should not be a vendor you skimp on or try to have friend or family member fill the role.
Three, your wedding planner or coordinator should be the first vendor you book. Because we can make sure you are booking the right vendors for your wedding and help avoid any mistakes that you can’t get out of.

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What are your 3 best tips for helping brides to save money with wedding planning?

“One, sit down as soon as you get engaged and put a detailed budget together. Without this, you’ll be flying blind when meeting and booking vendors and have a higher chance of overspending.
Two, reuse your flowers. If you have flowers lining the aisle of your ceremony, make them arrangement that can be moved and reused at your reception space. If you have a large bridal party, use bridesmaids bouquets as centerpieces. The more you can get out of what you’re already using, the more money you’ll save.
Three, cut your guest list. Your guest list is the biggest factor that affects your budget. You have to pay for each guest to eat, drink, and have a seat to sit in. And the more seats you have, the more linens, tables, and china, etc you need. It is always a tough decision to make, but your wallet will greatly thank you.”

Big thanks to Isabelle Russell of Garden Rose Events & Design for taking the time to answer our questions! We hope that you enjoyed this blog and learned a thing or two (or three!) about how to save money while wedding planning. If you’d like to follow along with Garden Rose Events & Design, click the links below to do so!
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