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When we arrived at Hannah & DJ’s downtown Richmond apartment for their in home engagement session, we couldn’t get over how cute and cozy it was. The exposed brick on the inside walls and numerous windows of their corner apartment gave us the perfect amount of evening light needed for their cozy in home session. While Hannah & DJ made drinks, played chess and cuddled on the couch, we just got to observe. In home sessions are so fun because they are truly authentic to the couple and their every day life. The engagement period for every couple is so brief that it’s nice to capture what that period looks like for our couples. When they look back on these photos in years to come, we hope that they will be reminded of all the memories they shared in their apartment before they were married and how precious that time was for their relationship.

One of our favorite things about Hannah & DJ and their story is that they have known each other for over a decade. After meeting in high school, they ran track together and began dating their senior year of high school. They maintained a long distance relationship as they went to two different colleges, moved to Vermont for their graduate courses and now find themselves engaged and living in Richmond, VA. Over the last 10 years, they have truly grown up with one another. After spending 2 hours with them in their home, it was obvious that the foundation of their relationship is their friendship. They love one another deeply and you can see that they truly embrace each other for who they really are. We loved witnessing their daily interactions together during their cozy in home session.


We asked Hannah if DJ ever lets her win, to which she quickly replied, “no.” DJ laughed. “But sometimes, he’ll give me hints.”


Miller decided to make a very brief appearance during the shoot. But when we say brief, we mean he was only in this one photo and then he hid again.


We loved this sweet quote that hung over their bed.

“I choose you. And I’ll choose you over and over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I’ll keep choosing you.”


Keeping with the lifestyle feel of the engagement session, we walked out of Hannah & DJ’s apartment and went straight down to where they spend their evenings often. Hannah & DJ are runners and will often run along Richmond’s River Walk, so it was most appropriate that we spent the second portion of the session where they are most comfortable. Spoiler: they are just as cute together outside as they were inside.


We loved this spot under the bridge for its architectural lines and contrasting vegetation of the plants growing underneath it. Richmond, you’ve done well.


After so much rain this past spring, the trees and vegetation was so lush and green. It was hard to find a spot outside that wasn’t alive and vibrant.


Normally at this time during a session, we would be saying our goodbyes because the sun has set and all the good light is gone for the day, but we couldn’t resist snapping a few more photos as the lights in downtown Richmond turned on for the night. We also experimented with a few double exposures and we loved the results.



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