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richmond virginia makeup artist hampton roads virginia wedding photographer

Happy snowy Thursday, friends! We are continuing our blog series “Vendor Spotlight” today, where we interview some of our favorite Virginia wedding vendors and ask them the questions that brides want to know! Today, we’re chatting with Richmond, Virginia makeup artist, Shasta Hypes, who we had the pleasure of working with in 2018 for our sweet bride Hannah’s wedding who we’ve maintained a vendor relationship with since. We’re excited to chat with her and for her to share with you how to have your best skin for your wedding day!

richmond virginia makeup artist hampton roads virginia wedding photographer

Tell us about yourself! 

“Hi! I’m Shasta, I’m a Richmond, Virginia makeup artist for brides, special events or even date nights. I’m a mom to a sweet 19 month old girl, Stella and a wife to my awesome DJ husband. I started my makeup journey in about 2015 but prior to that I had a love for makeup since I was like 8 years old. I’m based out of Richmond, but love to travel so I’ll go anywhere!

What made you become a MUA?

“I started doing makeup for weddings when a friend asked me to do her bridal makeup. I had just started to really invest into makeup for myself personally and was just trying to better my skill. My friend trusting me with her bridal makeup was truly my push to do it more. After her wedding, it was just word of mouth and people kept asking and so finally one day I thought, “ok, maybe I am really good at this – lets make this makeup business official” and I never turned back. This all happened because a best friend believed in me and my talent and trusted me on her big day!”

What are some of your favorite products to use on brides?

“Hourglass for their highlighters, Colourpop for their matte lips (they stay for ever and have so many colors, also very affordable!), Tart for blush, Stila Stay All Day liquid eye liner, and TEMPTU for airbrush foundation.” 

What are your favorite tips on how a bride can have her best skin on her wedding day?

“I would start getting facials about a year in advance of your wedding if you really want to work on having the best skin. I would not recommend getting your first facial a month or two before your wedding. This is something you have to do for awhile and work with a licensed esthetician. 
For makeup on the wedding day, less is truly more for the best natural looking skin possible!” 

richmond virginia makeup artist hampton roads virginia wedding photographer

What is your favorite part of providing MUA services and serving brides?

“My favorite part is during the makeup trial. I get to have a lot of time one-on-one with the bride. We just get to have girl talk, I hear about how she met her fiance, what she does for a living, the details of the big day. Its truly so fun to get that time to spend together learning about my bride.” 

Do you prefer a bride who knows exactly what they want or is super flexible and lets you experiment?

“I can work with either and LOVE both!!! I love it when a bride knows what she likes and dislikes, it can make my job easier to know they love liner or not, or love a lot of blush or not. Some girls just know what they want and I love that! But I also love it when a bride has an open mind and shows me some inspiration pictures and lets me make it happen for them. Doing a trial is always best for either kind of bride because you want to make sure that what I do is what you like and that I can bring your vision to life or do makeup the way you like it to be done.”

Are there any 2019/2020 bridal beauty trends that you love? What trend do you think is on it’s way out?

“I’m obsessed over the very basic looks with lots of highlight that looks glossy almost. Not the best idea for weddings and photos (haha) but my goodness they look amazing in person! I will take that inspo and incorporate it into my bride looks…very light eye shadow and just focus on skin and making that look look super healthy and glowy in the best way for a bride and photos.

I feel like the “smokey” eyes are on their way out and a fresh clean face is on it’s way in for the trends!”

What do you wish more clients would think about before booking their MUA?

“For booking makeup, I just wish more brides booked it sooner. I think most brides do put it on the back burner and then are scrambling 3-6 months before their big day to try to find someone and I’m booked about a year which is awesome for me but sadly it make it hard for brides to find and book someone skilled.”

richmond virginia makeup artist hampton roads virginia wedding photographer

What do you feel makes you stand out among the competition?

“Aside from my skill for natural glowy bridal makeup, I truly think it’s my personality. I have so many bridesmaids from my brides that come back to book with me because I took the time to get to know them during the makeup session. They remember me because I ask about them, their likes and dislikes with makeup, I take the time to listen to them and get to know them! How did they meet the bride, etc. Just asking about someone goes along way and I cherish the girls that book me from past brides wedding. Means so much to me and plus I love getting to see the girls again.

Are there any other tips you’d like to share with a bride for her wedding day?

“Don’t stress the breakouts! A good MUA can cover that with no issue and a good photographer will edit photos in the best way so you look your best and natural.

Also, just enjoy the day – don’t stress anything! The day is here, nothing can change what wasn’t finished. Guests remember the food, the music and the FUN! They do not know if a decoration is missing or a flower is out of place. Just let go and soak in every minute of your day with the people you love! Dance the night away and be “marry!” 😉 

Big thanks to Richmond Virginia makeup artist, Shasta Hypes, for chatting with us today and sharing so many great tips! If you’re a Virginia bride looking for a MUA for your big day, look no further! You can connect with Shasta below:

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