Our Family Photos|Oak Grove Park Chesapeake, VA | Husband & Wife Virginia Wedding Photographers

When you’re a full-time wedding photographer, it can be hard to make the time to put yourself in front of the camera. When you’re a full-time husband & wife photographer team, it’s even harder. Since Isaiah has been born, we’ve taken thousands and thousands of pictures of him, but not many of those photos include […]

Our Maternity Session | Chelsea Ruger Photography

Now that our “little one” is officially two days late to their own birthday party, we figured what better time than to share our maternity photos? Last month, we met up with our long-time friend and fellow photographer, Chelsea Ruger, at Regent University for our maternity shoot. We’ve known Chelsea as long as we’ve known one another, […]

Meet Rowlands Photography | Hampton Roads Virginia Wedding Photographers

Welcome to our first blog post! We thought there would be no better way to start this off than to let you know a little bit more about us. So here we go! Here are some fun facts about Rowlands Photography that you may or may not know: 1. Michael and Chelsea met while taking […]