For Brides: 7 Reasons to Have a Bridal Session Before Your Wedding Day

Our Top 7 Reasons To Have a Bridal Session

Now that it is off season for us, we are excited to dive back into our special blog series for our brides. This week, I’m talking about 7 Reasons to Have A Bridal Session Before Your Wedding Day. Bridal sessions used to be a luxury item that brides chose if they really wanted those additional portraits of them before their big day. It was for those that could afford another session fee and had a dress that was worth 1/3 of their total wedding cost. Nowadays, bridal sessions are not only a luxury, but a MUST-have session for brides. Not only do you receive more beautiful bridal portraits, but you’ll read below 6 more reasons to book a bridal session before your big day!


1) More Portraits

bridal session at windsor castle park in smithfield virginiaThough this one is obvious, choosing to have a bridal session before your wedding day allows your photographer to complete dedicate their time to you. On your wedding day, you will likely have 15 minutes by yourself in front of the camera. When you book a bridal session, you get an entire hour or more in front of the camera. For those desiring more than 10-20 bridal portraits, I would encourage you to book a bridal session. While every photographer is different, we tend to average between 75-150 final images from your bridal session.

2) Perfect, desirable light

beautiful bridal session at regent university virginia beach weddingOn your wedding day, it’s very unlikely that we will be able to do all of your portraits during golden hour. Golden hour is the shortest time of the day and so we are typically left with mid-day light to produce the majority of your portraits. If you want perfect, glowy light for your bridal portraits, you’ll want to schedule a golden hour bridal session with your photographer so that you get the light you’re hoping for.

3) Ideal weather scenario

bridal session during summer wedding on green grassSimilar to lighting situations on your wedding day, we also cannot always predict the weather. If it is raining on your wedding day, your photographers have to come up with a backup plan that typically involves doing your portraits inside or on a covered porch. While those can be beautiful portraits, we know that the most ideal weather is clear, sunny and not too warm or cold. By scheduling a bridal session before your wedding day, you get to pick the best day for your session by looking at the weather and choosing a day that works best for you. Sessions can always be rescheduled for weather; wedding days cannot.

4) No rush

bride to be at virginia weddingNo matter how much time we think we have in the timeline, we never have all the time we want when it comes to portraits. Things come up, people run late, hiccups in the timeline occur, etc. Every wedding day has something. If the perfect set of bridal portraits is very important to you, book a bridal session so you can guarantee you have the time you want just you in front of the camera. During a bridal session, there is NO rush whatsoever and you get to twirl in your dress as many times as you want.

5) Test run in your dress

bridal session on stairs at christopher newport university in newport news virginiaAnother important reason to choose a bridal session is because you get to do a test run in your dress. Do you like how it feels? Can you walk well in it? Can you sit well in it? Does it need to be altered again before your big day? Do you like your shoes enough to wear them for 8+ hours? These are all important questions that you can better answer after you’ve spent a bit more time in your dress.

6) Trial run of your hair and makeup

bridal hair for every hair lengthAfter thinking and thinking about how you want your hair and makeup, your bridal session is the perfect time to truly “test it out.” Sure, you like how your hair and makeup look in your button-up, but do you LOVE it in your wedding dress? We’ve had many of our brides decide on different hair or makeup between their bridal session and their wedding day. A huge benefit to having a bridal session is that you get the opportunity to see if you really like how your hair and makeup photographs. This is helpful so that you can make any changes you think you’d like better.


bridal session at historic st lukes church in smithfield virginiaI mean, come on. Need I say more?

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading through our top 7 reasons to have a bridal session before your wedding day. If you enjoyed this post, we hope you’ll share it with others. Be sure to check out our other blogs in our “For Brides” series below!


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