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Best of Weddings 2021 | Hampton Roads Virginia Wedding Photographers

Normally, this blog is a kind of “year in review” blog with some photos you’ve seen and others you haven’t, but I realized when I was compiling the images for this blog that I haven’t blogged a single wedding this year. Yikes. Though blogging weddings used to be my jam and I used to be really good about getting them up the week after the wedding, 2021 was just not my year. One of the reasons is because I shot a few weddings by myself using natural light (we now utilize flash for wedding photography) and I didn’t want to blog those initially because I felt it didn’t portray our current work well. The second reason is because for the second to last wedding of the year my mother was in the hospital and then sadly passed away before our last wedding and so I was struggling mentally and emotionally just to get through editing and end the season. Hopefully you’ll give me grace for this past year; it’s been a tough one. Throughout this off-season (January-March) I plan on going back and blogging the weddings from the 2021 year during my office hours, but for now, you’ll get good look at some of our favorite images from each of the weddings we photographed this year.

It’s hard to believe that next year, when I compose this same blog post, it will be my last time doing so ever. If you haven’t ready our 2022 update, we will be ending our wedding photography careers after next year and so 2022 will be our final year photographing weddings. We have 6 weddings next year and we can’t wait to share them with you.

We hope you enjoy looking through our “Best of Weddings 2021” blog post.

Bridal Details

A time where I get to slow down and start the day on a creative foot. Photographing a brides details is such a sweet time because there is so much thought that goes into all the little details that I enjoy capturing those details for our brides to remember them by. The flowers will wilt, invitations will be thrown away and her dress will be stowed away, but the photos of her details will live on in her wedding album forever.

Getting Ready & First Looks

Those sweet moments with mom, champagne cheers with your girls and the getting in the dress you’ve waited most of your life to put on. Getting ready time is sweet and charged with energy as our brides wait to see their grooms. While some brides choose to do a first look with their grooms before the ceremony, others opt for first looks with their dad or bridesmaids. All first looks are sweet and we love capturing them.

Bridesmaids, groomsmen & full bridal party

We’re bias, but we think we have the most attractive wedding parties around. These bridesmaids and groomsmen made sure that the bride and groom were loved on all day and they added so much joy and peace.

Bridal portraits & groom’s portraits

Our brides and grooms are always so beautiful on their wedding day, but the best part about Rowlands Photography couples is that they are beautiful on the inside too. We love each and every one of our couples and are so honored to have been chosen by them to capture their days.

But yes, they are all GORGEOUS!


The walk down the aisle by your dad, the teary eyes of your groom, the unique vows exchanged right before your first kiss as husband & wife…we’re there to capture it all. And yes, if you’re crying, we’re crying.

Bride & groom portraits

Making magic with our couples never gets old. We love capturing those real smiles and laughs while you share an inside joke, as well as those gorgeous portraits with your veil blowing in the wind. It was so hard to narrow this category down because we love them all, but here are some of our all-time favorites.


Let’s get this party started! First dances, mother-son, father-daughter and more. When a bride and groom stay on the dance floor, guests stay on the dance floor too, so enjoy every moment of your night under the lights!

We hope you enjoyed this year’s Best of Weddings 2021 post! We certainly enjoyed this wedding season, our wonderful couples and all the beautiful Virginia wedding venues we visited this year. We can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for us for our last year shooting weddings. See you all next year!

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