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It’s time for one of our favorite blogs of the year – behind the scenes 2021!

Year after year, this is a favorite for our clients, family and friends as they get a look behind the scenes of what we do on a wedding day. Even with all the photos we have, it doesn’t even touch the tip of the iceberg of what we do in a day, but these photos give a decent idea of what it takes to get the shot. Sure, we take photos for 8-10 hours on a wedding day, but we also carry dresses, pin boutonnieres, remove veils, fix hair (for brides and grooms), fix ties, take off high heels, help put on shoes, get water, remind brides (and grooms) to breathe and more. Not to mention deflecting unnecessary distractions and drama when something in the day isn’t going as planned. We are 100% there for our brides and grooms and we think that’s part of what makes us different from other photographers: we truly serve our clients. Anyone who has worked with us will tell you that we always go well beyond what our job description is. We want our couples to have as close to a perfect wedding day as possible and so we will do all we can to help ensure that happens.

It’s harder and harder to capture behind the scenes photos of each other with our current lighting setup, but we try to snap a shot here and there throughout the day to give you a glimpse of our days. We’re excited that next wedding season (our last!), we’ll have our brother Mark with us doing videography for half of our weddings, so we hope to coerce him into snapping some shots with us while we work. We hope you enjoy getting a peak behind the scenes of our 2021 wedding season!

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