Hey there! We are Michael & Chelsea Rowlands and together, we are Rowlands Photography; a husband & wife wedding + portrait photographer team based out of Hampton Roads, Virginia. We love serving people by photographing their most cherished moments and we are passionate about capturing true love in a beautiful, authentic and classic way. We love to photograph couples who desire to have beautiful wedding day images that reflect their love, but most importantly, who can’t wait to build a strong, long-lasting marriage. We live for beautiful sunsets, beige coffe, autumn leaves, and football on Sunday’s. We believe in preserving irreplaceable memories in a tangible way and loving people with a Christ-like love. We haven’t met yet, but we are already so thankful for you!

Our Why:

“Photography for us has always been about seeing a moment in its most authentic form and saying, “We’re going to keep this one.” Being a part of someone’s favorite day is the biggest joy and honor that we have as wedding photographers. Our couples are our friends, their families are our families. We get to know them, we cheer them on, we pray for their marriage. We have a unique opportunity to play a part in their day and help preserve their most treasured memories as they begin their life together. While we love taking part in their wedding, at the end of the day, it’s about their marriage.”


Our Story:

“It was a cold, February day in Norfolk, VA when Chelsea walked into the NorVa, a local concert venue, to photograph a friend’s band. She approached the front of the stage and got her camera out to be ready when the band began their first song. On her right, she could feel that there were eyes on her. When she looked over, a dark-haired boy locked eyes with her and smiled. A smile that said, “You may not know me yet, but you will.” And the rest is history…”

 Want to connect with us? Find us here:

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