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Welcome to our annual behind the scenes blog! We are so excited to share with you some of our favorite behind the scenes images from our 2018 wedding season. We shot 12 weddings, traveled to 3 states, drove over 5,500 miles and hugged every one of our clients at the end of their wedding day. We specifically took on less weddings this year so that we would have more time to dedicate to our clients and less time away from our little boy. Ultimately, this allowed us to create a more personalized, 5-star experience for every client and it also allowed us to spend more time with our family and as a family.

This year, we had Mark (Michael’s brother and the newest addition to the Rowlands Photography team) along with us for many of our weddings as videographer. He’s been offering video since 2017, but decided to officially join the team this year and he even has his own page on our website. We love being a husband & wife team, but it’s been even more fun to have Mark along with us through our wedding season. We work hard and we play hard. It’s truly been such a blast so far.

To our clients, we love you all so much and it was such an honor to capture your big day. Know that we will never stop rooting for you or encouraging you as you grow in your careers, your marriage and, one day, as you add to your family. We are always here for you and we hope to hear from you all soon for anniversary and (maybe even) family sessions 😉

We hope you enjoy looking through these behind the scenes photos of us doing what we love. Feel free to laugh with us at how ridiculous we are in front of the camera.


Literally my face behind the camera during every session. Can you tell I love my job?


That smile when you know you captured something good…


A little peak behind the scenes at us doing our detail shots.


How photographers feel when they have to be in front of the camera…

Having a low-key competition on who can make the most embarrassing face while the other is testing light.


As photographers and videographers, we don’t just point cameras at people all day. It’s important that you know we can also do many other things like..

Tell you which way is north…behind-scenes-2018-virginia-photographer_3368

Instructing you on how to hug your mate…


…and even give you free dance lessons.


We also specialize in fixing hair…


 Pointing you south…behind-scenes-2018-virginia-photographer_3373

 Fluffing dresses (Michael is the professional)…behind-scenes-2018-virginia-photographer_3374behind-scenes-2018-virginia-photographer_3375behind-scenes-2018-virginia-photographer_3376

…and even getting that real smile out of your flower girl.


Sometimes we have the honor of joining our couple’s on the dance floor.behind-scenes-2018-virginia-photographer_3378

Or walking the bride to her first look…


And if you were really special this year, you even got a session with our (adorable and irreplaceable) third shooter/assistant/wonder baby.


No matter what we are photographing, one thing is clear – we love our jobs.

Being behind the camera and capturing beautiful memories for our clients is such an honor and a joy for us and we can’t wait to see what we capture in 2019!behind-scenes-2018-virginia-photographer_3382behind-scenes-2018-virginia-photographer_3383behind-scenes-2018-virginia-photographer_3384


Michael & Chelsea

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