Historic St. Luke’s Church Bridal Session | Smithfield, VA | Maggie

Now that Maggie & Evan are officially married, I finally get to share her bridal portraits with you all! I’ve been holding onto these photos since September and I am SO excited that I finally get to share them. Maggie chose to do a bridal session with us before her big day when we knew the trees would still be alive, green and beautiful. With her wedding being in December, we knew the trees would not be as colorful as they are in the fall, so we did her bridal session on a day in late September and it was perfect. The weather was not too hot, certainly not cold, and Maggie was a vision in her beautiful wedding dress and veil. We split our time between Historic St. Luke’s Church, where she and Evan married, and Windsor Castle Park in Smithfield, Virginia. I had a great time hanging out with Maggie, her mom and two sisters who were waiting with helpful hands.

Bridal sessions are some of my favorite sessions to do, outside of weddings. We have so much more control over the light, weather and pace of the session. Bridal sessions can be rescheduled if the weather isn’t favorable; weddings cannot. There’s no pressure, no rush and a lot of time that I get to creatively compose portraits for our brides. I get to spend 1-on-1 time with her before her big day and truly allow her to shine in front of the camera. This time together is leisurely and calm, yet full of anticipation for the big day and for her groom to see her in her gown. I had the privilege of documenting Maggie in her beautiful wedding gown and long, swoon-worthy veil before she became a wife and her bridal portraits are some of my favorite’s I’ve ever taken!

I hope that you’ll enjoy some of our favorite shots from Maggie’s bridal session!


Isn’t her cascading bouquet just stunning?


Brides: If this doesn’t convince you to wear a veil, I don’t know what will.


Maggie is the queen of this look. I mean, just look at her!



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