Meet Rowlands Photography | Hampton Roads Virginia Wedding Photographers

Welcome to our first blog post!

We thought there would be no better way to start this off than to let you know a little bit more about us. So here we go!

Husband and Wife Portrait and Wedding Photography Team in Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Here are some fun facts about Rowlands Photography that you may or may not know:

1. Michael and Chelsea met while taking photos at The NorVa, a concert venue in Norfolk, VA.

2. On their first date, Michael played guitar for Chelsea on Regent University lawn.

3. Both Michael and Chelsea have been taking pictures since they were in high school.

4. After nearly 5 years of knowing one another and dating, Michael and Chelsea were married in Virginia Beach on November 7th, 2014.

5. Chelsea is an only child; Michael is 1 of 10 kids.

6. Michael is the thrill-seeking, leader-of-the-pack extrovert, while Chelsea balances him with her thoughtful, attention-to-detail, introverted nature.

7. Having accepted Christ as children, Michael and Chelsea live their lives intentionally to glorify God each day so that they would be a light for His love.

8. Michael and Chelsea live in Suffolk, VA, but both see North Carolina as an option in the future.

9. Every Sunday afternoon in the fall is spent watching football in the Rowlands house; Michael is a faithful Redskins fan and Chelsea is a die-hard Ravens fan.

10. Contrary to what the majority would guess, Chelsea is actually 2 and a half years older than Michael.

11. In the Rowlands household, Netflix is a nightly binge. Chuck, Peaky Blinders, Sherlock anyone?

12. On each wedding day, Chelsea’s favorite moment to capture is the groom’s reaction during their pre-ceremony reveal. Michael’s favorite moments are the first dances between the bride and her father and the groom and his mother.

13. Outside of weddings, Michael and Chelsea both love doing engagement shoots. The exciting, “We just got engaged!” moments between the future Mr. and Mrs. are always such a treat to capture.

14. After joining a new church in Norfolk, which ironically holds services at the concert venue they met at, Michael and Chelsea have become foodies, scouting all the best brunch places in Norfolk. Their favorites are The Handsome Biscuit & The Grilled Cheese Bistro. If you have any suggestions of places for them to try out, they will probably give you a discount off your shoot 😉

15. Michael and Chelsea love meeting new people, so they would love to sit down with you before booking your wedding or photo shoot and just get to know you and learn your fun facts!

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